Saturday, November 21, 2015

Post 91 - - Summer through November... In brief... Beach, new job, printmaking, student work, holiday ideas...

Blogging my evolution as an artistic art educator - An art-based experience... 

Drawing I created on the table covering 
in a wonderful jazz club in Chicago.

After a brief Chicago trip, to visit my eldest step-daughter, we hit the beach.. The "Summer of the Shark" effected our vacation trip to the Outer Banks for me. I could not enjoy the water for even the briefest of moments... scanning, scanning, scanning. All I did was watch for fins in the water, while my daughter, her friend, and my husband enjoyed themselves to the fullest.

I did enjoy the sand, the food, and the weather at night... the smell of the ocean, the site of it from our deck, drinking homemade coconut mojitos, playing cards on the back screened in porch, eating the best breaded fried shrimp of my life, visiting Ocracoke Island (which had a shark attack just days after we left)... 

I also had the distinctly odd experience of interviewing on the phone for the job that I now possess. Google "Phone Interview" some time, just for fun. Apparently, one person believes that the interviewers can "feel" if you smile or not, on the other end of the phone connection. So, one is supposed to talk on the phone while looking in the mirror, so one can be sure to smile regularly. Another post suggested that you should wear whatever you would for the interview, so you feel professional. This I did do. The "smile in the mirror" thing, I did not do, because it just sounded goofy.

Needless, to say, it all worked out well. I received an e-mail request for a second interview with my present head principal before we left the OB, and he offered me the job two days after we returned.

School improvements by me and my kids.

I teach gifted art students and regular middle school visual art at Winton Woods Middle School now. It is a roller coaster that is intense and satisfying on a regular daily basis. I wanted a "family", and am feeling more and more like one of them each day. I work with good people. I have a great big room. I have support and creative freedom. I am hopeful... slow and steady, but hopeful...

In the midst of teaching, I am working on fulfilling my re-certification requirements. I have the majority of it finished, but need a few more hours. That need led me to reconnecting with my fine art love for printmaking. I joined the Tiger Lily Press membership, and have taken three classes so far... screenprinting, linoleum relief printing, and letterpress (mucho difficult), but good, because I got to see my Art Academy professor, April Foster. LOVE HER!! Tremendous lady and inspirational educator... I am looking forward to more printmaking adventures soon!

Screen printed skull from photographic image 
I took a while back.

Well... In brief, that brings you up to November, now... I am busy trying to get my first semester of kids through their projects, and busy making (to my husband's dismay) Christmas gifts. Stitching crazily for the next few weeks... and, enjoying it!

Safety, health, happiness, and peace... Pam

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Post 90 - - Aim High, Ira Glass, Christmas gifts, Sculptural adventures...

Blogging my evolution as an artistic art educator - An art-based experience... 

1). I want so much to grow. I need to AIM HIGH, and I can only go forward... In one such way, I have been working with an incredible, encouraging and talented instructor lately, and he has challenged me to "share my gifts" in a way that I have never really considered seriously. The Summerfair organization has an annual award that they offer each year, to deserving artists who want to make strides in their creative work. I intend to meet my instructor's challenge. I intend to apply this year. The work I have been doing lately uses a mixed media technique that my instructor devised, and I LOVE IT!... An example of a piece I finished is posted below... Wish me luck!

2). An AMAZING few powerful words from Ira Glass... I am sharing them here, and will share them with my students very soon... 

3). The Christmas gifts I made and gave this year used a technique that I have my students use... gel medium image transfers. (Basically, a laser printed image is moved from the paper carrier to the new surface with an acrylic medium and even pressure. The medium is allowed to dry overnight, then the paper carrier is dampened and rubbed off.) I made 32 plaques with my photos and quotes pulled from a favorite resource.

2). Below is a detail of the metal flashing wall sculpture I created over the Summer. Having not had as much sculpture creation experience as I have wanted to have in the past, I relished the opportunity to take a class over this past Summer. I used power tools, hand tools, and 100 tiny nuts and bolts, as well as participating in critiques with a wonderful class and instructor. I cannot wait to return to the Mount this coming Summer! 

Safety, health, happiness, and peace... Pam