Blog purpose

Because, I find that I am uncomfortable being labeled, and do not fit easily into common categories, whether it be professionally, personally, or experiencially, I often find it difficult to fit in. This challenge has manifested itself in my life as identity issues, most directly connected to the struggle I experience between being an artist and/or being an art educator. Could I be both? Would one identity enhance, or cripple the other?  

I am of the mind that accepting both labels, would improve the balance in my life. I can be a better artist, when I reflect and react to what my students need and struggle with, and I can be a better art teacher, when I reflect and react to what I need and struggle with.

This blog represents the goals I set for myself as part of the process of completing the art-based Culminating Project for my degree. It was repurposed to act as a reflection tool for the Culminating Project research, to examine my growth as an artist and art educator. Along with this obvious benefit, I want this blogging experience to go even further.

Having initially been influenced by the 2009 movie premise from Julie and Julia of sharing publicly, through a blog, one's creative progress, I want to continue my explorations and reflections. I will make sharing, through a public venue, my learning and growth processes, including the successes and the failures, a permanent part of my journey as a teacher and artist. My ultimate goal is to keep moving forward. And maybe, through my example of the use of purposeful reflection as a positive tool, I will inspire others, to muse, share, and face their struggles as well.