Things to do, stuff to try, books to read and refer to, things to play with and make messes with... All subject to change and improvement as I work, reflect, get feedback, explore, fail and succeed, laugh, cry, etc...


- Lazertran

- Digital Ground

- Acrylic Inks

- Shiva paint sticks

- Round canvas

- Smooch - pearlized ink

- Hand-carved stamps

- Zentangles - web site, article in CPS

- Shrines & assemblages- Crafting Personal Shrines, Mixed-Media Dollhouses

- ATCs - 1000 Artist Trading Cards, ATC Workshop

- Art money - web site, article in CPS

- Collage experiments - Collage Lab, Collage Journeys

- Finishing things I have already started

- Journal pages - True Vision, 1000 Artistic Journal Pages

- Making books - How to Make Books Book

- Mixed Media - Art Revolution, CPS, Mixed Media Medley (DVD), Layer by Layer (DVD)

- Photo-based mixed media - The Complete Guide to Altered Imagery, Mixed Emulsions

- Drawing - A Foundation Course in Drawing, Betty Edwards’ books & DVD

- Enrichment, creativity, inspiration - Art from Intuition, Creative Time and Space, Living the Creative Life, The War of Art, The Secret, Daily Warm-ups, Caffeine for the Creative Mind, Kick-Ass Creativity, The Crafter’s Devo- tional

- Green artmaking - 1000 Ideas for Creative Reuse, Green Guide for Artists

- Art dolls - Who’s Your Dada, Art Doll Quarterly

- Artist influenced pieces - Art 21 (DVD)

- Quote influenced pieces

- Art envelope series

- Altered books

- Printmaking - Tiger Lily Press (A. Foster)

- Entering a competition - CPS

- Black gesso

- Oil pastels & thinner

- Water-soluable crayons

- Photography (Adv. preparation, reference, assignment-based)

- Vision board collage

- Bundle exp (CPS)

- Feng Shui - paint and draw what I want in my life

- A year in the life of an art journal as an inspiration

- Drawing and painting etc exercises from Art from Intuition... Sketchbook as- signments, automatic drawings, 30 in 30 min (in doors and out), simple prints, collagraphs, go from collage to painting, drawing from the over- looked, drawing what you see when you close your eyes, collecting shadow forms, shadow drawing w/a partner, shadow drawing inside w/ strong light and a partner, painting and collaging on and w/maps, make a “map of my life”, etc...

- Add crochet edges to project... Pg 256—CD for pointers/refresher

- Fabric journal from recycled jeans, old vintage napkins, fabrics, etc...

- Try a fabric collage

- Gesso paper and add acrylic inks

- Add dry pigments to gesso, medium, wax, etc...

- Work on multiple projects at one time

- Rescue images from our old art history books on cart in long closet... Pull for - - DAAPworks ATCs too!!

- Transparent pages, such as baseball card sleeves, neg sleeves, etc...

- Theme around words like trust, etc... Look to Ludwig’s list!

- What is your life like? (Create an artistic representation of my life)

- Self-portrait exploration—Me as... A mermaid, Wonder Woman, Barbie, vam- pire, witch, etc...—As well as technique experiments like blind contour, mosaic, collage, typographic repetition to create visual, etc...

- Use strips of fabric to do things with... Weaving, crochet, braid, etc...

- Oxymorons

- Similie

- Metaphor (pg 274—Crafter’s Devotional)

- Poetry assignments from my book

- Make a “life list”—Crafter’s Devotional, pg 269

- DOODLE—BIG TIME!!... Turn your doodles into things... Finished works!

- Chagall, O’Keeffe, Kahlo, the Mona Lisa, etc... Let them inspire me!!!

- Use lace on projects

- Sneek away for “on site” artmaking

- Fabric and mixed media panels from CPS (pg 250—CD too)

- Inchies

- All white art

- Try batik paper for journal/Paper & Fibers next year (pg 247—CD)

- Travel altar—pg 242, CD

- Cut scrap technique—pg 240, CD

- Quote as inspiration—pg 240, CD

- Beef up my “source file”, before leaving school... Copies, etc... Reuse my art, by copying it!!!

- Use “keys” as theme/focus

- Start Jim’s “postcard-a-week”

- Resin shadow box... Pg 234-235—CD

- Transfer w/metallic paint

- Use Cosmo as a theme

- Blender pen transfer

- Photograph doors, archways, entryways... Use them in your work!!!

- Spring Grove Cemetary

- Sunprint paper!! Make sunprints...

- Alan Alda’s quote... Pg 196—CD

- Bucket list/Life Goals list

- Birthstones, flowers, traits etc...

- Houses

- Modify—define for kids and do!! (Pg 150—CD)

- Symbols—pg 148—CD

- Scanner art—pg 147—CD

- The SCAMPER concept—pg 144—CD

- Paste paper new recipe—pg 129—CD

- Altered photo treatments

- Angela Cartwright’s book-Try anything!!

- Simple felt journal—pg 123—CD

- Work in a GRID!!

- Spray paint

- Stencils and masks!!

- Gesso—black, white and tinted w/color...

- Glazes—stamp and scrape into

- Haiku—3 lines only (5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables)

- Burn tip—pg 81—CD

- My week in photos

- Sisterly creations—Ann, Jacquelyn, Maxine—pg 60-61—CD

- Photograph “decay”—rust, peeling paint, etc... Then, sand, bleach, color, etc...

- Universal symbols—Celtic, Mayan, Mound Builders (and other Native

Americans), Greek, Chinese, Egyptian, Aboriginal, African, etc...

- Altar construction—pg 53—CD

- Women’s 7 Senses—pg 51—CD

- Journal necklace—pg 44—CD

- Draw, collage, blind contour, sculpt, paint, use a letter stamp repeatedly, scribble, crosshatch, photograph it and alter, mosaic, etc... THE SAME THING over a period of time—a week, a month, a year, etc...

- House journals—pg 34—CD, also the stiffened felt idea you started a LONG time ago

- Buttonart— buttons are the way to create an image

- Create with crayons, wax, beeswax, encaustic embedding—anything wax!!

- Vintage photos and ephemera

- Document something that is “not where it is supposed to be”—pg 21—C4tCM

- Take a picture of each letter of the alphabet in one space—pg 48—C4tCM

- Take pictures of “barriers” of all kinds out and about, or in possibly—pg 62— C4tCM

- Tell a story or several using only 3 pictures per story—pg 77—C4tCM

- Photograph things that have NO recognizable pattern—document that which appears RANDOM/CHAOTIC—pg 104-105—C4tCM

- Go to And try some stuff!!!

- Random word generator as a prompt

- Photograph a random person, a place, and a thing and tell a story about what they have in common... Who is the person, how does the place play into the person, and what the obj means to the story... Make an artwork out of the reults!!! (Copied, collaged, altered, painted, drawn on, mixed media, a mini-book, etc...)

- Shoot 16 photos of one of the following words, that characterize that word (abstractly, personifically, representationally, literally, whatever works!)— pg 197—C4tCM

- Photograph five sets of objects and their nemesis—pg 218—C4tCM

- Stay seated in my art room, and photograph something in the area that starts with each letter in my name—pg 258—C4tCM

- Photograph each color and/or make eight artworks each focusing on one of the basic colors of the original Crayola box... Blue, red, yellow, orange, green, purple, brown, and black.—pg 263—C4tCM

- Document your daily routine... What are the things you do everyday and in what order?—pg 266—C4tCM

- Document ten things that “infer” size differentiation—pg 277—C4tCM

- Document ten things that NEED to be “changed” or experience “change” in some way, shape, or form—pg 280—C4tCM

- Photograph 25 patterns of any kind—pg 291—C4tCM

- Shoot 10 photos that illustrate exaggerated perspective w/vanishing point/s... Be ready to shoot up very close and at odd angles to get the shot!—pg 299—C4tCM

- Finish my exemplar

- Seven Deadly Sins

- Torn and Painted Papers for background for a piece

- Envelope project (office size w/transfers)

- Compbook make-over

- Finish salt box shrine

- Iconography as inspiration

- Heroes and heroines as inspiration

- Mixed-media gridded piece from Somerset Studios—May/June 2008

- Funky Fiber Doll—Quilting Arts Magazine/Winter 2004

- Cloth ATCs

- Imitation “silver” chipboard technique (Somerset Studios/March/April 2008)

- Alter color copied pages w/writing, stamping, drawing, etc...

- Torn shape w/collage/painted background

- DADA inspired dolls, shrines, etc...

- Use my Proj. 52 ideas— Challenges for “Project 52”

Canvas (board, stretched, un-stretched, etc…), Theme – Hero (real, historical, fantasy, invented, comic, etc…), Required material - Natural item (dried flowers, skeletonized leaves, etc…)

Old Text Book Cover (re-purposed, strong, older is better), Theme – School (education of any kind/lessons learned, etc…), Required material – Office Supply/s (any office supply store items are game)

Paper Mache Blank (any shape or subject, usually craft store item), Theme – Self-Portrait (about you, present/past/future, serious or fun, etc…), Required material – Found Objects (junk drawer stuff related to theme/story)

Paper Dolls (jointed, template, 2-D, 3-D, single/multiples, etc…), Theme – Joy &/or Sadness (human, animal, real, fantasy, etc…), Required material – Metal (any type, real, faux, part/whole, etc…)

ATCs (4 minimum, series/not, traditional size, foldable extensions?), Theme – Life &/or Death (funky and dark, light and bright, etc…), Required material – Transparencies (part/whole, printed/painted/inked, etc…)

Shadow Box (good size, found, cigar, repurposed, purchased, etc…), Theme – Insects (butterflies, bees, spiders, moths, mantis, caterpillars, etc…), Required material – Fabric (velvet, cotton, felt, lace, old/new, antiqued, etc…)

Arches (single/multiple/connected, paper/fabric/wooden, etc…) , Theme – Sea (ocean, beach, sea-life/real/fantasy/symbolic, waves, shells, etc…) , Required material – Pearls (any type/shape, used in any way)

Frame & Fill (frame - good size, found, repurposed, purchased, wood, metal, etc… fill – image, artwork, copy-right free image, collage, etc...), Theme – Birds (real, fantasy, feathers, eggs, nests, trees, etc…), Required material – Glass (marbles, sea glass, microscope slides, altered frame glass, broken mirror or glass tesserae, etc…)

Art Money (good weight paper/substrate such as heavy H2O paper, traditional size and requirements… visit…… for more info), Theme – Architecture (historical, invented, whole/part, series/not, etc…), Required material – Tape (masking, duct, electrical, packing, etc…)

Wooden Blank (any shape/subject, found, repurposed, purchased), Theme – Botanicals (flowers, leaves, trees, tropical, forest, real/ fantasy, etc…), Required material – Wire (metallic, old/new, covered, colored, thin/thick, etc…)

3-D Figure (jointed, pattern, stuffed, simple/complicated, on stand, wall display, sitting, painted, glued, stitched, very open options, etc…), Theme – Gods & Goddesses (human, animal, cultural myth, invented, etc…), Required material – Fibers (ribbon, yarn, string, lace, floss, cord, etc…)

Small Tin (any shape, found, repurposed, purchased, etc…), Theme – Pop Culture (famous/infamous person, place, thing, event, etc…), Required material – Board shapes (matt, Grunge, chip, theme supporting, etc…)

3-D Homes (paper, board, fabric, box, metal, etc… No matter material choice…All sides must be considered… Art in the round!), Theme – Dreams (past, present, future, actualized/not, night/day, etc…), Required material – Buttons (any type/shape/size/number/ color/material)