Blog goals

The ten main goals for my project include creating:

1). Something lasting, with real value to others and myself.

2). A fluid document that demonstrates the value of immediate and ongoing feedback and dialogue with an online community.

3). A consistent and recognizable “voice” of my own that will allow me to continue to contribute to the growing body of visual arts education knowledge and skill.

4). Realized information, revelations, and conclusions that were neither intended nor anticipated at the outset of the work.

5). A document that can exist both as a traditional academic print thesis, and online as an evergreen digital media narrative.

6). To create a framework to contain all elements of this paper.

7). An established and organized online site that will allow me to organize and share examples of my artwork.

8). A journal that includes an in-depth explanation and reflection on my artist/teacher identity struggles, pedagogy, and methodology.

9). A safe and honorable way in which to celebrate and accommodate examples of my student’s artwork.

10). Inspiration, based on all of the above, for myself, my students, and others to think, share, and do.