Sunday, June 5, 2011

Post 59 - Lots and lots and lots of altered books...Oh My!... Student work I promised to share a loooooooooooong time ago...

Blogging my evolution as an artistic art educator - An art-based experience...
            The following plethora of artistic work consists of the ALTERED BOOK pages and covers, created by my Paper & Fiber Arts high school students, which were completed this school year.
           There were so many good things going on, that you'll have to forgive me... I have to share them all with you... ENJOY, and please tell me what you think!
           Brief explanation of assignment... The students were required to incorporate: one spread, with the 3-PHOTO-ALTERING TECHNIQUES they learned how to do, one spread, with the PHOTO-COPIED HAND images we created, one spread, with the PAPER-DOLL TREATMENT we learned about in a Claudine Helmuth book, and to create a WRAP-AROUND INTEGRATED COVER design, to tie the whole altered board book together. The focus of the book was the Zodiac signs, and the traits that the students' felt they possessed, based on the research they did on their sun sign (birth sign/zodiac sign).
           Splendid results... if I do say so myself!!... True creativity requires being allowed to make messes, find answers for oneself, and being given just a tad of support, when it is absolutely necessary...

3-photo-altering techniques (examples) 

Photo-copied hands (examples) 

Paper-doll treatment (examples)

Wrap-around integrated cover (examples)

Safety, health, happiness, and peace... Pam

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