Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Post 40 - The thesis is officially... ON!!!... Welcome to the cyber version of my final thesis for my Master's degree in Art Education!

Blogging my evolution as an artistic art educator - An art-based experiment...

So, why start on Ground Hog's Day?

Well, I feel like I have been "underground" over the past few weeks (new building and lots of adjustments), and it was just TIME to pop my head out, and get this "show on the road"!

And, I am giving myself almost six weeks, even though Phil has predicted an early Spring...

Six weeks to do what?... Six weeks to put my thesis up on this blog, that's "what"!

I will be posting a schedule FRIDAY, so you all will know what is going up on this blog and when to pester me. Plus, I will be sending an e-mailed invitation to several followers, advisers, and brilliant supportive friends, family, and colleagues this weekend so they can "poke holes" in my theories, assertions, and ideas.

And, with a lot of help from you all, I will be able to "publish" my thesis for all to investigate and access now and always, instead of my writing living in "the drawer" in the DAAP library for few to peruse. (My fellow graduate students already understand how I feel about that. Insert grimace "here"... And, a smile!)

Well... Here it goes!

Safety, health, happiness, and peace... Pam


ninap said...

gooood luck ! I believe in you! xoxo

Project said...

this is going to be good!

Lisa said...

I'm proud of you. Looking forward to following your blog.