Sunday, June 6, 2010

Post 3 - Display day...

Blogging my evolution as an artistic art educator - An art-based experiment...

Crazy here!! Thank goodness for my Blackberry, and my continuing investigations into what it can do for my life... YES, I discovered "memos" under the apps section, and I have been making lists. ("I love check lists!," Bowler Hat Guy, from Meet the Robinsons.) So, I have been efficiently moving my way towards getting my display up at UC for DAAPworks, and today I take it in, once I finish a few minor things, if the husband will take over being the clown/caregiver for the cat and kiddo. Maybe? Please.

Once it's up, I will take pictures to share here, and finally show you all what the ATC bases looked like and how I did them, plus I have two examples of finished ones to show you!... And, they were created by my number one artist, Josie (daughter, 8). Kids are the best artists. We all know it!

Safety, health, happiness, and peace... Pam

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