Thursday, August 5, 2010

Post 20 - THREEFOLD THURSDAY - My 3 favorite altered imagery art books...

Blogging my evolution as an artistic art educator - An art-based experiment...

Well, ok... These are my favorite TOP TWO, plus my ties for THIRD PLACE!

In first place/number one favorite altered imagery "handbook" is...


This book is the first one I ever purchased in this subject area, and it is one I go back to over and over again. I read about it in Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine, and have been addicted to altering my photos ever since. I learned about the basics of sanding and coloring emulsion photos from this book, plus a whole lot more!

In a very close second place/number two favorite altered imagery "handbook" is...

MIXED EMULSIONS, by Angela Cartwright (of Sound of Music fame)

I do not recall when I purchased this book, but I do know that it is a REAL GEM! I read scads of arts and crafts books, and seldom nowadays do I recommend one without hesitation. This one is an ORIGINAL! Every page, every project, every technique is intriguing and tempting... If I want to get excited about playing with my photos, canvas, paints, and crafting supplies, I go for this book every time! (I never loan it out because I am afraid I won't get it back!)

In a tie for third place/number three favorite altered imagery "handbook" (s) are (in no particular order)...


The title to this book may fool you a bit as to what it contains, and the cover shot does not so the contents justice... I met the author a couple of years ago, and she is so talented, I am in complete aw of her! She is a real talent, and her techniques and instructions and innovative approaches are not matched by anyone out there. She has been in the crafting field for a long long time, and she knows that one needs to make their own way, and follow their own rules... This book is also one of my treasures!


This book is by an author who's style is sweet, but her style is not why I bought this book, although she has quite a following... The terrific page surface techniques and cool printmaking transfer techniques is the reason I hold this book in high regard! I love the way the author inspires me to use her techniques for other projects. I can easily apply some of her basics to my work, and I can create a look that works with my style!

ALPHABETICA, by Lynne Perrella

Perrella is a goddess among altered artists! Well, I feel that way about her anyhow... Her books are always jam-packed with so much inspiration and innovation and freshness that I can never get enough of thumbing through them... Every time I go through them, I see something I missed, and something I am dying to run off and try immediately! Paint, transfers, collage, typographic treatments, stamping, etc... It's all there in both this book and the one pictured below.


And, for my none-artsy followers, altered imagery is loosely defined as altered art that uses photographic images as the starting point for the altered artwork. It centers around transfer processes, duplication processes, digital and hand alteration processes, and collage processes for photographic images.

All of the above listed books contain varying degrees of processes for changing, enhancing, improving, duplicating, and transferring existing photographic images taken from magazines, books, computer files, clip art, original emulsion photos, digital photos, etc...

Safety, health, happiness, and peace... Pam

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