Thursday, August 12, 2010

Post 27 - THREEFOLD THURSDAY - Three 4x4 little artworks and three sets of three inchie artworks...

Blogging my evolution as an artistic art educator - An art-based experiment...

Art 42 is a site for exchanging created artworks such as ATCs, art postcards, altered books, and other types of paper crafts and mixed media items.

In essence, you make some items, send them off, and you get items from others. I have been stung before. You know, you spend an inordinate amount of time on your part, and get stuff back in the mail that makes you wish you had never participated at all.

But, I wanted to give it another go. Still waiting for some ATCs to arrive on my doorstep. I shared mine a few postings ago. And, just yesterday, I mailed off a couple more projects--three 4x4s (4" x 4" artworks) heart themed artworks and nine inchies (1" x 1" artworks). Got a few more projects to work on, which I will share here as I get them finished.

In the mean time, here are the three 4x4s and the three sets of three inchies... Enjoy!

Nature Painting - Process: tie-dyed tissue paper attached to watercolor paper with mat medium, painted with Golden Fluid Acrylics, wiped back before dry, hot glue heart, marker details, felt heart stapled to background, flowers added under and over stitched Memory Game tile, copied magnetic word typography attached, and Diamond Glaze added over words and around artwork edges.

Passion Symbol - Process: same as above

Poetry Icon - Process: same as above

What I Know About... series (Art, Trees, Love, Stitching, Eyes, Luck, Time, Magic, Coffee) - Process: All are one-of-a-kind individual miniature scratchboard artworks, with copied magnetic word typography added, marker color added over that, and sealed with MicroGlaze.

Safety, health, happiness, and peace... Pam

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