Saturday, August 7, 2010

Post 22 - SMALL WONDERS SATURDAY - Pixie liberation...

Blogging my evolution as an artistic art educator - An art-based experiment...

First thing... I changed the theme for Saturday, because I am not feeling the "Silly Saturday" thang AT ALL. And, right now, I want as few restraints on what I can talk about "creatively" as possible. So, I went with a theme title that is a "catch-all" like Wednesday. So, sue me.

Small Wonders Saturday is named after an all time favorite song from a fabulous favorite movie, "Meet the Robinsons". (Rent, borrow, buy. SEE THIS FILM.)

This film contains three tremendous central themes; one, appreciating the small things, two, celebrating and embracing our uniqueness, and three, NEVER EVER giving up, ("Keep moving forward!). We could use more of this in the world, and I share this movie with my students, because I love the life lessons. Universal.

OK anyhow... Small wonder for today is something pop-culturish AND centered around "celebrating and embracing our uniqueness".

It starts out with me getting my haircut last week. Went with a pixie for several reasons; one, because this school year promises to be an "interesting" one, so I need fast and easy hair, two, I look good in super-short hair, three, my father used to cut my hair in a pixie when I was little, and four, I am a strong-minded lady, and I don't need long hair to feel feminine. In fact, I love myself better in a short hair-do!

Picture taken by Josie Palmarini with my Blackberry.

Curious about all the hub-bub over short hair on women. Small thing. Small wonder.

Yesterday evening, I was checking out the site The Leaky Cauldron, because I love all things Harry Potter, and I just recently saw wonderful Leaky Cauldron blogger, speaker and author, Melissa Anelli, at the downtown library. Fabulous talk... which got me thinking I needed to check out the site.

Low and behold, I ran into a post that indicated Emma Watson had a Facebook page. Thought it would be cute to see if the link was real. It was.

Second part to the small wonder point here... Emma Watson is creating a stir over getting her haircut in a... Pixie style! Ha... It looks incredible on her! And, people are offering their two cents from all sides of the globe, as if any of our opinions matter to this young lady. Weird.

My point is... I am finally hip, LOL!... Emma Watson has a Pixie, but I did it first... Didn't really ever consider myself a trendsetter... (OK, you got me, I'm not. I took in pictures of Alyssa Milano and Winona Ryder when I had my stylist cut my hair, so this proves neither Emma Watson nor myself are trendsetters, just strong-minded ladies, who are paying homage to a style from the 60's.) But, I am still proud of us both celebrating and embracing our uniqueness, and doing with our own hair what WE WANT TO DO!! (Go me and go Emma!)

Safety, health, happiness, and peace... Pam


Alexia said...

Just saw this! I thought you were copying MY hairstyle! Just kidding. Looks great on you. I REALLY like it. Hmm, mine is growing out, maybe I need a trim myself...

Pamela said...

I didn't copy you! Emma Watson must have... But, then again... Remember, to Lisa's dismay, my super short Billy Idol Pixie, and all of the hairspray Mom had to put in my hair to matt it down, so the silk flower hairpiece would stay in for Lisa's wedding? Boy, was Lisa MAD!! Funny now!... Go for the trim, and you can cause a stir like me and Emma... LOL!!