Friday, August 6, 2010

Post 21 - FHOTO FRIDAY - Josie's summer photos and my musings...

Blogging my evolution as an artistic art educator - An art-based experiment...

The kiddo just finished a photography camp at the local YMCA, and was so inspired that she came home and took more pictures with my camera. She was working on portraits and nature photos, which should appear obvious, based on her results here...

Title - Cosmo Upside-down, by Josie Palmarini

Title - Pansy Pot, by Josie Palmarini

Title - Mamma's Seahorse Tattoo, by Josie Palmarini

Title - Mamma's Moth Tattoo, by Josie Palmarini

Title - Looking Up, by Josie Palmarini

Title - Mishap Picture, by Josie Palmarini

Title - Me, by Josie Palmarini

Title - My Name Tattoo, by Josie Palmarini

Been reviewing and scanning an art book called ART REVOLUTION, by Lisa L. Cyr.

Got me really thinking about content-driven approaches to making (and teaching) art.

Basically, one of the artists highlighted in the book, Marshall Arisman, speaks on this subject. He wanted his art to be authentic, so he stopped doing what others expected him to do, and, "... started focusing on work that he was personally invested in." In essence, he inventoried what, "... his own real knowledge and understanding...," was, then he made a list of the things that he, "... knew well."

Really got me thinking... What do I know well?

Not 100% sure. Gotta' really think about this, because if I can make this list, I will have the real authentic core/content for making my work MY OWN... Interesting to others, because I am not just regurgitating what's already out there. This is MY STORY. And, if I can do this myself, I can teach my kids to do it too, or at least attempt to do it to a degree.

Interested in your thoughts... Especially if you have your own "list of what you know well".

Safety, health, happiness, and peace... Pam

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